The Difference Between Hospitality and Service

Frasca is the most highly rated and most well known high end restaurant in my town. This has been the case since it opened its doors. It’s not hard to put the pieces together after listening to Bobby Stuckey who is the founder and owner present at TedX Boulder a few months ago.  His topic boiled down to “service vs. hospitality”. He said a few things that rang very true with me.

Service is what you do to somebody. Hospitality is how you make them feel.
Service is on a continuum but even on the highest level can be precise but cold.
Hospitality is the experience one gives another that changes the way they feel. When they leave your presence they are changed. He challenge the audience that this concept is transferable to any business, anywhere. I agree.  I’m now working on making this a reality in my business for 2015.  I challenge you to do the same. Enjoy the video.

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